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The Christmas specials they should have made!

Call The Midwife? By all means Call The Midwife. Open All Hours? Okay. But what about all the other deserving shows over the years that never received a well-deserved Christmas special? Good question! And so TV Cream asked its friends on Twitter to spitball ideas for festive episodes of favourite shows. Here are some of our favourite pitches…

Howard’s Way


Space 1999


The Great Egg Race

The Professionals

The Brothers


Slinger’s Day

The Phil Silvers Show

Me, You and Him

And a few more thoughts…

Keep It In The Family
Dudley is frantically trying to finish the Barney The Bionic Bulldog Annual (which, for plot reasons, is being printed the week before Christmas), but Duncan has invited himself round for Christmas dinner, and the girls have invited a punk band (‘Acne Central’) to rehearse Christmas carols downstairs (Susan: “Cheer up, Dad, they’re doing requests.” Dudley: “How about Silent Night!?”).

Doctor Who (1983)
The Doctor is trying to get Tegan back home in time for Christmas on the beach, but instead, he finds himself duelling with the Master to foil his latest unwieldy plot to conquer the universe, before arriving in Australia just in time to help England win the Ashes (“Strewth, that ball was out of this world!”). Featuring guest appearances from Lorraine Chase, Roy Kinnear and Dennis Lillee.

It’s Christmas Eve in the Hub and all is quiet, apart from the usual swearing and shagging. But a breach in whatever that thing in Cardiff was (the Rift? We dunno) suddenly sends the team back in time to 1856 (Ianto: “It’s cold, bleak and there’s nothing to do… no change there, then!”) before everything gets sorted out in time for the heart-warming finale. Jack: “Peace and goodwill to all men – and I mean ALL men!” (wink to camera).

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. George White

    December 20, 2017 at 8:49 am

    The Doctor Who special – filmed on location in Australia, surely? With Tegan’s family.
    Warren Mitchell as the villain, Jack Thompson in the Bernard Horsfall-type role, John Bluthal as Tegan’s Yugoslavian-Australian father, Gabor Jovanka, Moya “Marlene from Neighbours” O’Sullivan as her mum, Bill Hunter as her boozy uncle, and Charles Tingwell as the Aussie UNIT Commander.

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