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“…in your pocket, or purse, or in your bank…”

You might have already spotted this, but on Sunday 18th November BBC Parliament is doing another of its as-it-happened themed anniversary evenings, this time remembering the devaluation of the pound on the same day (at 9.30pm precisely!) 40 years ago.

Feature-length archivery is promised from the likes of Twenty-Four Hours, The Money Programme with William Davis and Alan Watson, an Our Money special – whatever that was – with Robin Day, and highlights from Budget 68, with future DG Ian Trethowan “and team” examining Roy Jenkins’ attempt to save the British economy by taking £923 million out of it.

Best of all, though, is the fact the whole evening is being introduced and linked by the Beeb’s star face of current affairs and every single massive television event of the mid-late 1960s…Cliff Michelmore! Back on the box! It must be his first foray onto the small screen for nearly two decades.

Has there ever been a more becalming TV face than Cliff? If anyone can reassure the nation that everything’s going to be all right, let alone stop housewives, navvies and costermongers from fretting about “prices”, it was – and still is – surely he.

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