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Somewhat buried amongst the Lennoxes and lollipop ladies of the New Year Honours list was the name of David Butler, one of television’s greatest political experts and raconteurs.

David, who TV Cream was lucky enough to meet and interview last year, has been made a knight.

Whether this rather lovely news represents a swing away from ludicrous patronage towards sensible ennoblement, well, it’s too soon to say.

What we can say is that this hard day’s knight has worked through many hard days’ nights in order to enlighten and entertain the nation, and now the nation salutes Sir David in return.

Here he is making a wonderful cameo in last year’s BBC election results coverage, brazenly forecasting a return to the polls “before too long”:

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MartS

    January 17, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Although I’m not a great fan of the New Year/Queens Birthday honours system (instilled in part by my former history teacher who rejected an OBE back in the mid 80’s for his charity work as he said “the only award worth winning from the Queen is where you add a word to the start of your name, not the letters left in the scrabble rack at the end of it)..

    ..I wholehartedly congratulate Sir David on his award, it’s most deserved and as TV cream say, buried and not really noticed by any of the usual media outlets when announced.

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