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Cream over Britain

20 people to follow on Twitter who actually have something interesting to say

(As opposed to 100 people on Twitter who are famous but who have absolutely nothing interesting to say, or famous people who have nothing interesting to say recommending other famous people who also have nothing interesting to say.)

A 50p coin, yesterday1. A 50 pence coin

The voyages of an erstwhile 10 shillings through the fiduciary arteries of Great Britain.

A comma, no?2. A comma

How to deploy the world’s second most-ubiquitous punctuation point.

Ping3. Some BBC sound effects


Sting not pictured4. The moon

Everyone’s favourite one-sided dairy-based satellite.

Goole if you think it's over5. A bench on Goole station

Photos from the same seating facility on the same platform, every day.

Winston O'Boogie6. The second world war

Real-time updates on the bloodiest conflict in global history.

I said to the taxman: have a heart. He took it.7. Bob Monkhouse

Everyone has to go sometimes. He usually goes during the adverts.

W12 8QT8. BBC Television Centre

Dour dispatches from one of the planet’s greatest buildings.

Mr Lucas has phoned my mother 3 times9. Adrian Mole

What Aidy is up to 30 years ago today.

Give me numbers10. The Office for National Statistics

Give me numbers.

This is a low11. The shipping forecast

Low German Bight 1007 and Biscay 1013 losing their identities by 0600 tomorrow.

Deep deep Hubble12. The Hubble telescope

Watching you, watching it, watching you, watching it.

Critical mass13. The Mass Observation archive

Watching us, watching it, watching you, watching out.

"Hello."14. The BBC archive

Chris Serle’s sometime stamping ground.

A real cat, yesterday15. Larry the Downing Street cat

REAL tweets from the REAL creature at the REAL heart of the coalition.

It's the name of the bell, not the tower16. Big Ben


Hello Pepys17. Samuel Pepys

Comes to me Mr. Evelyn of Deptford, a good man; who is grieved for the times, and our ruin approaching.

Tone alone18. Yes it’s number one

Indispensable gobbets of TOTP archivery.

Larkin around19. Philip Larkin

It pleases him to stand in silence here.

Style counsel20. Guardian style guide

Putting the world to writes [sic].



  1. Boggenstrovia

    March 23, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Well, apart from the contributors to this fine sight and other pop culture lovers of course. As they are all fine people to follow in themselves…

  2. Applemask

    May 11, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    Gah! Would you people settle on a design already?

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