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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 23

Seeing as today’s clue is of a decidedly topical hue, what better person to use by way of illustration than John Craven off of John Craven’s Newsround, here pictured popping into TV Cream Towers earlier today to answer a few calls about crop rotation and Mike Read.


The grid reference of the square to cross off your Puzzle Trail map today is the one the shares its name with:

– An American stealth bomber
– A postcode area in central Birmingham
– Riboflavin
– An international standard paper size measuring 500mm x 707mm
– A dye also known as dyesol
– The IATA airline designator code for Belavia Belarusian Airlines

A quick word about prizes. The person who is the first to solve the TV Cream Puzzle Trail will win (at the very least) a copy of the following TV Cream tie-in/loosely affiliated publications:

TV Cream: The Ultimate Guide to 70s and 80s Pop Culture
The Ultimate Book of British Comics
The A-Z of Cool Computer Games
TV Cream’s Anatomy of Cinema
The Encyclopedia of Classic Saturday Night Telly
TV Cream Toys: Presents you Pestered your Parents for

Full details of how to enter will be posted on the site along with the final clue (clue 31).

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