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The Creamup Summer Special 2012

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Subscribers to our TV-listings-and-nothing-but (apart from a feature in the middle) ‘e-mag’, Creamguide, got an unscheduled visitor last night when a special issue of Creamup – our much-rested miscellany of features and fancy – popped into their inboxes. The first Creamup to be sent out for something like four years, we put it together to celebrate 15 years of TV Cream.

Now, you may not be a Creamguide subscriber, or your spam filter might just have exquisite taste. But, if you are interested in seeing what all the fuss was about (NB. there has been no fuss) then we’ve pasted the whole thing onto a webpage for your inspection.

Because of TVC’s own template, it would be too much of a ball-ache to present the thing in situ (it would play havoc with our JPEGS) so instead find the page, floating all alone, right here.

Let’s get the chant going now: “15 more years! 15 more years!”

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