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Hello, I’m Lovejoy, of Lovejoy Antiques. I’ve broken off from doing a bit of “divvying” to introduce this fantastic quiz, all about BBC drama series of the early 1990s.

You’ll already have read about this if you subscribe to the Digi-Cream Times weekly mailout. Below you’ll see 10 extracts from contemporary promotional blurb put out by the Beeb to publicise their, ho ho, wares. The idea is to identify as many programmes as you can, using the kind of skills I put to good use every week when tracking down yet another old women’s misplaced inheritance, some stolen Nazi loot, or simply Lady Jane for another undignified fumble.

There’s a prize for whoever gets the most right. And because it’s me, I’m going to give you a few clues!
a) I’m not one of the answers (for shame!)
b) They are all BBC1 dramas.
c) One of the answers is Trainer.
d) One of the answers was “written” by Jeffrey Archer.
e) My dear friend Adam Faith appeared in one of them.

That’s it. For now, at any rate. If nobody gets any of them right, or nobody enters the competition at all, maybe I’ll be pressed to revealing a little more. As I said to Joanna Lumley one balmy Sunday afternoon amidst the Norfolk broads.

And believe me, she was ready to reveal more than most other Norfolk broads I know.

Anyway, onto the questions:

1) “But the biggest bombshell is the return of Sir Edward Frere, with a scheme that threatens to tear Tarrant apart.”

2) “‘We have a man in a wheelchair strumming a banjo, an officer of the law who looks like he belongs with destitute winos, and a convicted felon! What sort of a pisspot outfit is this?!'”

3) “Convinced that her country-singer husband has been framed by former band member Fraser Boyle, she elicits the help of the Glasgow Evening Echo’s food and wine correspondent, a sometime philosophy student, whose declared love affair with the ‘Wulk’ and secret passion for her prove an explosive combination.”

4) “In the new series, his determination to go straight and earn an honest crust leads him into property development, rock group management and arms dealing.”

5) “Returning home to the domesticity of his family after the combat and excitement of military action, Frank Dillon is presented with real problems as he tries to make a new start in civilian life.”

6) “Wealthy but shady American financier Harvey Metcalfe perpetrates a share fraud on four unsuspecting victims leaving them virtually penniless.”

7) “This second series finds Arkenfield’s future in jeopardy and held in the hands of merchant banker Alex Farrell – but does she want to preserve Arkenfield or further her personal ambitions with Mike Hardy? Can he retain control or will his rival, Hugo Latimer, triumph?”

8) “Melnik can provide Buzzard with the necessary contacts for financial success, but equally has the power to destroy everything Stephen has live and worked for.”

9) “Here is the good life. Here Peter will finally write the great novel. Fame and Hollywood beckon on the glorious Luberon horizon.”

10) “Tessa is Director of the Baumblatt Foundation and determined to stay on, Frank still does deals. The arrival of their baby brings more chaos to their lives.”

Send your answers to – and the best Lovejoy luck to you all!

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