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The Macca Video Jukebox: part five


Paul goes disco. Wings go to pot. Literally.

a) It was a top 5 hit in April 1979.
b) It wasn’t available on any album until the cheerily-titled late 80s compilation ‘Paul McCartney: All The Best!’.
c) The song is the same four chords over and over again.

a) The performance seems to be taking place in some kind of colonial tea room-cum-Oriental dance hall.
b) Macca looks about 17.
c) Linda’s entire contribution is going “oooh-ooh”.
d) There’s some fantastic guitar jousting a third of the way through, done in a rather amiable “after you” “no, after you” fashion.
e) Paul is in seventh heaven playing the slick-haired dickie-bowed crooner, doing silly grins, mincing, pretending to acknowledge someone in the audience and, best of all, attempting some lower limb robotics.
f) Something weird happens halfway through when proceedings turn into a wig-out on massed percussion, with Paul looking like he’s stoned, all bug-eyed and freakish, pounding a pair of tom toms.
g) At the end the entire stage revolves a la Blankety Blank.

Don’t say it…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David Pascoe

    May 3, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    “Should have been a double A-side with Daytime/Nighttime Suffering”…apparently.

    Never massively keen on this one, an amiable timewaster sums it up best and at least it isn’t “With a Little Luck”.

    The most interesting facet for me was always the vocoded vocals. Is Paul going “Goody, goody” when it comes in? Maybe he’d been watching The Goodies before recording?

    As for looking stoned, he very probably was if Geoffrey Giuliano is to be believed. Still that Japanese trip would give him a good opportunity to get shot of the abundant amounts of grass smoked during “Back to the Egg” sessions.

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