Robert Robinson, RIP

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"Aye, but hush, pish..."

Ah, would that it weren’t, would that it weren’t.

“It’s always a surprise to find out it takes so much to produce so little”:

“I wish you’d said ‘mongeese’. I just wanted to live to hear someone say that”:

A dazzling line up of bluffers, including Geeson, Woodward, Bakewell and – it being the late 70s – Edmonds:

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7 responses to “Robert Robinson, RIP”

  1. Andy Howells says:

    I hope Robert gets some sort of tribute and it would be nice to see a few Call My Bluff’s rerun if the BBC still have them!

  2. Perra Dox says:

    I second that, along with some vintage Brain of Britain on the wireless.

  3. johnnyboy says:

    Watched an episode of QI earlier: Stephen Fry did a superb RR voice on it “and this is for eldest son and mother, only”. Nice!

  4. Perra Dox says:

    I really hope he wont stop doing the occasional RR voice on QI

  5. Early happy memories – Monday nights on BBC2, High Chaparral or Alias Smith and Jones, followed by Call My Bluff, which could only be properly compered by one man, and they chose the right man for the job.

  6. I was so sad to hear of Mr Robinson’s death. So clever, so well read, so witty and such an excellent speaker of our beautiful English language. We shalll not see his like again, I fear.

    Like the others, I do hope the BBC will re-broadcast some of his TV and Radio programmes.

  7. Adrian Fry says:

    Robert Robinson made me want to be clever. Whether I became so isn’t for me to judge, but his Radio 4 discussion programme Stop The Week gave me an entirely unrealistic expectation of how witty and incisive adult conversation would be when I grew up.

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