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Witches and the Grinigog, The

SOME POSH children (naturally) go to visit a small village during the school holidays. A tall boy was in charge, with a crap Richard Ashcroft haircut. At a local jumble sale the youngest brat buys this little stone fella she thinks is a gnome, but is in fact, the grini. The local bag ladies start cooing over it and flashing their emerald green garters at the kids; apparently all the grini followers must wear some green on their person. Next Mr Alabaster turns up – he had a booming West Indian accent and a neat pinstripe suit and dog collar. It’s Mr. A who identifies the grini: “Tis u Grinigog, dat whut dit tis”. The next few episodes explain how the witches were all persecuted in the middle ages, but that the clever true (good) ones actually turned into birds or cats and finally into mid eighties bag ladies. At the end all the bag ladies prance about with Mr Alabaster who is dolled up as an African witch doctor. Hmm.

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