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Wackers, The

INSUFFERABLE SCOUSE-BASED “adult” sitcom from VINCE “LOVE THY…” POWELL where greatest crime was once again not so much lazy-arsed ethnic stereotyping as not being the slightest bit damn funny. “Humour” derived from fact half of house were Catholic and the other half Protestant; plus one half supported Liverpool and the other Everton. Misery compounded by the appearance of objectionable adolescent-era KEITH CHEGWIN as teenage son Raymond, brother to Bernadette (sprightly 28-year-old ALISON STEADMAN), while mum and dad duties were handled by real-life married couple KEN JONES and SHEILA FAY.

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  1. Richard Capstick

    January 31, 2016 at 12:11 am

    I have recently purchased a DVD of The Wackers.
    It is incredibly funny.I laughed helplessly through all of the episodes.
    The accent,the dialect earthy humour and back chat reminded me of my own upbringing in the Liverpool
    of the fifties. It also reminded me of my time working on building sites around Merseyside in the sixties.
    It reminded me how Catholics and Prodestants co-existed for almost all of the year only becoming
    antagonised around the time of St.Patrick’s day and the Orange Marching Season.
    Even the Everton and Liverpool supporters refrained from killing each other most of the time.
    I have such happy memories of those times and the Scousers lived and worked with.
    If any more episodes are unearthed I’d ” All made up”. Great!

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