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Spy Force

SECOND WORLD war adventures of a bunch of characters played by actors who seemed to star in every other Australian film and television drama at the time. Redmond Phillips (baddie in Phoenix 5) was your pompous colonel replete with glamorous sidekick played by Katy Wild. They would send Jack (xenophobic digger) Thompson and the German Peter “Adolf” Sumner into New Guinea, etc. to give jip to johnny Nippon. Katy Wild’s character was once captured and had her clothes ripped off by brutal Japanese soldiers. Both the male leads were working under duress, Sumner was a German alien internee and Thompson was a draft dodger or something. Obviously inspired by yank tripe ‘Garrison’s Gorillas’. All-action intro with explosions and falling bodies and, naturally, ‘Waltzing Matilda’ theme.

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  1. Mr Grimsdale

    July 27, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    This was on around midnight on whatever day of the week. I used to watch it on the principle that it was so awful it was brilliant. You were never quite certain if they actors knew it was so bad that they deliberately played up to it.

    There was one episode where a Japanese general-type genuinely said to his prisoner “we have ways of making you talk”, and there was nothing to make you think they weren’t taking it seriously.

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