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Shine on Harvey Moon

DOE-EYED POST-WAR bittersweet comdram, forever on a Friday night, created by an on-form Marks and Gran. KENNETH CRANHAM was your eponymous discharged ex-Tommy, walking back into an East End where everyone thought he’d copped it as an RAF handyman in Bombay. Unfortunately for him this means his other half MAGGIE STEED is “carrying on” with American GIs left, right and centre, while daughter LINDA ROBSON is “carrying on” with – yikes – NIGEL PLANER, and his nan just sits about moaning. Fortunately for Harvey, and us, the writers remembered to pack some punchlines. Unsurprisingly PAULINE QUIRKE was involved, failing to get blown up by one of the man unexploded bombs which played supporting roles. Otherwise, a way above average excursion into no-audience period gaggery.

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