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Robin’s Nest

Robin surmises Tessa's figures over a glass of house red More house red at...good heavens, starting early today?

RICHARD “BEANS! Beans! Chunky chicken!” O’SULLIVAN gets bored of lying ABOUT THE HOUSE and opens a restaurant with TESSA WYATT. Plagued by endless sitcom problems: double-bookings, triple-bookings, double-bookings which become triple-bookings, double-bookings by comical stereotypes (Geordies, labourers, stockbrokers), cancelled double-bookings meaning the restaurant is totally empty (a popular one, this, as it meant they didn’t have to employ any extra cast), double-bookings caused by Tessa’s meddling dad TONY BRITTON, and double-bookings who turn up late/early/when Richard and Tessa are having a sneaky tumble. Unaided and non-assisted by one-armed (there’s the gag, right there) washer-upper and Irish ex-con Albert.

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  1. Scott McPhee

    September 30, 2015 at 3:17 am

    The first episode featured a gag which is a staple comic misunderstanding.

    Robin is preparing to open his restaurant.

    He employs a sign writer. At the front entrance, the sign writer paints;

    “Robin Snest”

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