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Penda’s Fen

PLAY FOR TODAY spin off. Teenage kid priest’s son goes through the usual rites of passage in the Malvern Hills and invokes an old local pagan spirit, with all the sexual and political connotations that “aim high” writer DAVID “ARTEMIS 81” RUDKIN could bung in. Also featured SPENCER “TIMESLIP” BANKS and IAN HOGG.

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    July 19, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Artemis 81, in my humble opinion is a stunning example of what television could and should aspire to… there has been nothing like it.. and there never will be . Profound, baffling stunning , ambitious , apocalyptic, life -changing… a work of breathtaking vision by one of our most visionary and gifted writers, David Rudkin… compare this to the piddling non entities that fill our multiscreens now 24 hours and a day.. hold your narrow little heads in shame that you let things get to this sad state… the late great DENNIS POTTER saw what was coming…. and it happened… we LET it happen!

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