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Out of the Unknown

SUPERLATIVE BRIT-FI anthology in the old TWILIGHT ZONE format, overseen by sink plunging-wielder TERRY NATION among others. Here’s a few –

– The one where people are allowed to commit serious crimes if they serve several years of punishment in advance, with MIKE “RANDALL” PRATT.

– The weird one with MILO O’SHEA as a fishmonger who feeds rabbits to carnivorous plants. Also with ERIC “ROUNDABOUT” THOMPSON and PATSY ROWLANDS.

– The “population control” one with bit parts for GEOFFREY “CATERING FRONT” PALMER and (yes!) CHLOE ASHCROFT.

– The one where KEITH “LINDA!” BARRON explodes and ends up as a novelist on a QUANTUM LEAP trip, along with Godfrey off DAD’S ARMY and MOLLY “MACWITCH” WEIR.

– The one with JANE ASHER as a stowaway on an emergency aid spaceship with PETER “JASON KING” WYNGARDE as the captain, who has to decide whether or not to chuck her off so they can reach their destination.

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