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PETER DAVIDSON’S first gig after getting smothered to death by Peri’s breastage in DR WHO. Here he turned his pleasant, open face and sort of reckless innocence to a JACKANORY-plus-nursery-rhyme gubbins, leavened with shadow puppetry off of BUTTON MOON, Oscar the Rabbit and others. Occasionally deputised for by MARK WINTER, big star of the 60s and an even bigger star of the, er, ahem. Each episode started with the presenter making a picture on a “tree trunk” using cut out geometric shapes. The shape was invariably “a magic teapot” or similar which would then turn up in the tale.

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  1. Dr Stephen Daker

    March 21, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Peter Davi(d)son did this before he was the Doctor off of Dr Who, I used to marvel at his powers of concentration as he put together the magnetic shapes to make a picture. It was the best bit.

    What wasn’t the best bit were the weird illustrations done by the woman who ITV always went to for these children’s programmes, she did Tickle on the Tum as well, and all her drawings had these strange little dots all over them. Don’t know why that bothered me, but there you go.

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