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Miami Vice

“MTV COPS” was the diktat issued by network bosses, and so begat studiously stylised neon-lit, pastel-shaded and surprisingly violent buddy cop antics. DON JOHNSON was designer-stubbled Sonny Crockett and PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS was man with a mission Ricardo Tubbs, out to avenge his brother’s murder at the hands of drug dealers, both ready to blow the crap of Miami’s criminal fraternity with reckless abandon. “Depth” was provided by elegiac moments as Crockett drove his Ferrari Spider in time to Phil Collins during the midnight hour. Quickly jumped the shark, probably literally, and later lost it entirely when SHEENA EASTON arrived to play Crockett’s love interest then wife, only to get bumped off James Bond-style. And then Phil Collins showed up in person. As did James Brown. And Little Richard. Enough now!

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