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Metal Mickey

GRAPHITE GRADUATE FROM the unlikely environs of BILL ODDIE’s SATURDAY BANANA, penned by COLIN “ROLAND RAT: THE SERIES” BOSTOCK-SMITH and directed by MICKEY “MICHAEL” DOLENZ. Now there’s a triple-headed tragedy waiting to happen. Sure enough, results were off the low end of LWT’s low-budget lattitudes, wherein the titular wingnut-headed deep throat dustbin on skates wound up suburban household of Mum (“stringbean” played by GEORGINA MELVILLE), Dad (the Anton Rodgers-like MICHAEL STAINTON), Mick’s inventor Ken (ASHLEY KNIGHT), kids Haley, Janey and Steve, and of course Gran (IRENE HANDL – “fruitbat”). Fame soon beckoned, in the shape of comedy jousting with Dusty Bin on 3-2-1.

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