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Lotus Eaters, The

HOORAY! ANOTHER BBC thriller uncovering dark secrets in the Cretan underbelly (see THE APHRODITE INHERITANCE, THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUN). This time it’s IAN HENDRY and missus WANDA VENTHAM who are blithely running their cosy taverna nestling in balmy Mediterranean slopes until fate intervenes and Godly forces take control, in the form of a bristling MAURICE DENHAM, a shimmering CAROL CLEVELAND and a frumpish SYLVIA COLERIDGE. Titular munching goes on. Community begins to fall apart. Hendry was actually a recovering alcoholic (obvious choice to run a bar), or perhaps not, and had been accused of the murder of a 15-year old schoolgirl, or maybe not; Ventham was, perhaps, a “sleeper” secret agent, briefed to marry and investigate Hendry, only to fall in love with him, or did she, etc. When another girl gets murdered, things drift off into choking fog of complete confusion.

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