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Living in the Past

EEKING OUT the GOOD LIFE formula to its ultimate conclusion, Auntie decides to pluck a handful of ever so middle class families from their comfortable suburban existence and plonk them in a field, telling them to get on with a bearded Iron Age way of life. Narrative tension dwells on whether they could build the waterproof huts in time, reap the harvest, learn how to make bread, make sandals and have a bath in a horrible leaky tub. Uncomfortable viewing, not least for the bizarre tendency of everyone to take their clothes off. Minor rules-busting controversy ensued when one of the children (yes, the bastards enrolled their kids for this medieval hell as well) cut his face. Do we use a sticking plaster, or just leave it to get infected? Because they didn’t have Elastoplast back then, did they, oh no. After much chin-stroking discussion, they used the plaster. Cheats!

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