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Legend of Tim Tyler, The

MITTEL-EUROPEAN PROFUNDITY adopting the same English-narrator-talking-over-original-dialogue cheat as OSKAR, KINA AND THE LASER about a laughing boy and a rich baron in a castle who tries to steal his laugh. And the rest writes itself. For about 30 bloody episodes.



  1. Andy Parker

    March 17, 2014 at 12:08 am

    TT “I bet you 5 Smurfs an elephant will come round that corner and stand on it’s head”.

  2. George White

    February 3, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Featuring Arthur Brauss (Nazi in the Train, Cross of Iron, Escape to Victory, Von Ryan’s Express, etc, also in the HTV Kidnapped, Ishtar, and Euroschlock such as Jonathan, Butler Parker and Secrets of Sweet Sixteen) and spaghetti western regulars Ricardo Palacios Horst Frank as the Baron and George Rigaud, the Argentinian-Spanish Wilfred Hyde White, star of the likes of Horror Express among others.

    They’ve just remade it with Justus van Donayni from the World is not Enough as the Baron, with Tommi Ohrner the Timm from the 80s series in a cameo. There’s also been two Russian versions and a cartoon. Unfortunately, they’ve gone for a sort of whimsical sub-Tim Burton, sub Harry Potter feel, rather than the stark, semi-futuristic Lanzarote-bound setting of Legend.

    the same makers did Silas, Jack Holborn, and the enticingly-titled the Secret of Black Dragon, a US coproduction with Orion, and Yugoslavia’s Jadran film, with Julian Glover costarring alongside Tommi “Timm Thaler” Ohrner to add some kind of international name value. Also appearing were Sarah Lam from the Adventure Game and Andy Ho, the Chinese cook from later It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and Red Heat’s Oleg Vidov.

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