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MORE TEATIME travails in same lineage and above average quality as BAD BOYES and WHO SIR ME SIR, with bar lifted even higher due to titular prankster being played by KIERAN O’BRIEN, admittedly some way off being Robbie Coltrane’s son and making dodgy shagging-as-art films, but still a notch above your usual kids comedy drama hero. Episodes majored on Stephen Gruecock (to give him his full title) repeatedly thwarting comedy Machiavellian antics of schoolyard nemesis “Nidgey” Jackson (SCOTT FLETCHER) more through help from twin stooges “Wooly” Wollsmith (DANNY COLLIER) and “Quidsy” Rahim (AYESHA HUSSAIN) than own skill and scheming. Uptight dad PAUL “ANOTHER ANGRY FATHER ROLE” COPLEY shouted from behind newspaper, dithering mum (JANE LEE) re-filled the teapot.

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