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EUSTON FILMS EPIC of five South London bruvvers (played with stereotype-busting vim by BERNARD HILL, DERRICK O’CONNOR, LARRY “TRIANGLE” LAMB, RAY WINSTONE and EAMON BOLAND), their parents (PETER “GROUTY” VAUGHN and ELIZABETH SPRIGGS) and their families. Titular clan almost on the right side of the law, except VAUGHN’s King Billy is the local hard man and cock o’ the manor. When he dies, the family starts to fall apart. Much chewing of bricks and knuckle sandwiches. Trevor Preston done the words.

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  1. guineabull

    April 23, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    The songs that crop up on each episode are performed by Peter Blake – the legendary Kirk St Mauritz from Dear John.

    “Thats quite alright Mrs Boyd-Peters, you can have that one on me”

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