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WITH EVEN MACCA going nuts for the natural world in the early 70s (see “Ram” “Wings Wild Life” and numerous other pastoral longplayers), it was clearly time for a definitive ITV kids drama on the subject. Sadly what we got instead was this: whimsical whinnyings from a retirement home for spent ponies, populated by the likes of Q off of James Bond, ARTHUR “SERVED” ENGLISH, and a rotten old stump of wood – the ‘lightning tree’ – superstition dictated you threw a bucket of water over as you passed. Horrendously strident cod-prog bawling theme topped off proceedings.

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  1. Glenn A

    April 2, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    You have to admit that theme tune was more memorable than the show, sung by singers who looked like The New Seekers. Come to think of it most mixed groups of the time looked and sounded like The New Seekers, well barring Curved Air, but they were the exception.

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