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FOLLOWING ALAN PARKER’S shouty 1980 big screen sweatband-and-leggings bonanza, here came more high-kicking high-falutin’ histrionics from life at New York’s School For The Performing Arts, “where fame costs and right here’s where you start paying.” All your cliches were here: enthused wannabes to prima donna drama toffs, more popular students comprising sullen street dancer Leroy, synth-playing nerd Bruno, aspiring singer/comedienne Doris and studiously boring cellist Julie. Always way more popular in Britain than in the US, ‘Kids From Fame’ franchise milked the lucrative cow of transatlantic success with such hits as Hi-Fidelity and Starmaker. Fostered a ludicrous desire on the part of revolting stage school brats to take the showbiz glitterati by storm. DANI BEHR, JENNY POWELL: remember their name, remember, remember…

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