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FROM THE PEN of Philip Mackie. Willy Wigglesworth is disenchanted with life at an organisation which is basically a recruitment and testing agency for the spy service. Gets fed up with the paranoia of his boss Cragoe (ALAN HOWARD) who is convinced that the head of a rival agency – an unseen character called Trimble – is out to get him in some way. DR WHO’s missus was in it (she’s in more of these bloody entries than DR WHO himself).

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1 Comment

  1. George White

    March 20, 2023 at 10:52 am

    Can only find the cool theme.
    A load of forgotten spy dramas from this era – aside from the better remembered Sandbaggers and Smiley series, there was The Secret Servant (where Charles Dance discovers that Tory nuclear boffin Dan O’Herlihy was a cannibal in the war), Running Blind and its sequels The Assassination Run and the Treachery Game, Murder of a Moderate Man (Denis Quilley as an Anglo-Italian secret service investigator tackling European terrorism – an unlikely copro between Radiotelevisione Italiana and Pebble Mill), Dangerous Knowledge (John Gregson discovers that a government advisor is actually a Soviet sleeper), A Spy at Evening with James Laurenson, the Rose Medallion (builder lummox Dave Prowse and his cousin, PI Donald Sumpter get involved with the Mafia in Sardinia – played by Cheddar) and others too…

    Though there were equally forgotten shows in the 90s. Jute City (a kind of redo of Edge of Darkness for BBC Scotland with John Sessions, David O’hara, Douglas Henshall, Peter Mullan, Clive Russell, Annette Crosbie, ALan Howard again and Phyllis Calvert, and Fish in an acting role) and Runway One (a BBC NI network production thriller about sinister corporations at Shannon Airport, partly shot and set in America, though not shown there, but written by Barry Devlin, frontman of 70s Celtic rockers Horslips, with a truly bizarre transatlantic cast – Peter Capaldi, Marshall ‘Kuato in Total Recall’ Bell, Robert ‘Chakotay from Star Trek/Eating Raoul’ Beltran, Father Ted veterans Gerard McSorley, Jimmy ‘the Monkey Priest’ Keogh, Fair City stars Dave ‘Leo’ Duffy, Paul ‘Harry’ Raynor and Andrew Connolly, Tom ‘Benji Riordan’ Hickey, Gerard McSorley, Christopher ‘Even The Lone Stars, They Get Lonesome’ Rozycki, Cold Case’s John Finn, Kathy Kinney (Mimi in the Drew Carey Show), and the Writing is on the Wall, written by Patrick Malahide, with Bill Paterson, William H Macy, Daniel Von Bargen, both Penny Johnson and Dennis Haysbert pre-24, and Celia Imrie. Again despite the US names, not shown there.

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