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Cold Warrior

STILL ON Mutually Assured Destructive-matters, here’s the urbane MICHAEL DENISON as the urbane Captain Aubrey Percival, former Naval officer turned spook being run by CALLAN-esque mean bastard and having to rig up right nasty bits of business. “Missions” included convincing a foreign leader and former terrorist believe he had a terminal illness; and to booby trap a missile system that was being illegally sold to the Russians so that the buyers would take retribution on the seller. Nifty dresser too.



  1. George White

    April 2, 2024 at 9:11 pm

    The Cold war thriller of this era seems a forgotten and forlorn TV genre.

    There’s yer Smileys, of course.
    But there were tons of lesser ones.
    ITV’s ones seemed all pretty identikit and transatlantic.
    Recently watched ITV/HBO’s Red King White Knight (1989) Despite Geoff Murphy as director and a cast headed by Von Sydow and Skerritt and Mirren (with a wandering accent), this HBO-Central coproduction feels very much like a typical late 80s ITV copro, a la the Glory Boys, Jack Higgins’ Confessional or those Frederick Forsyth Presents*. So surprising that it isn’t even based on a potboiler novel. Tom Skerritt comes across as ‘a Charles Bronson that ITV could afford who isn’t quite past it’. It’s the sort of production where you see footage of Washington and then you hear Shane Rimmer’s recognisable voice, and then cut to the venerable Canadian wandering down a corridor in full US military garb.
    An office is illustrated with a picture of Bush I to indicate ‘US government’. I saw David de Keyser in the credits, and expected, ‘oh, he’s playing a Russian’, so how surprised was I to see he’s a Yank, doing yer classic ‘American in an ITV drama’ accent. Neil Dudgeon with a Scouse tache plays a Soviet.
    Now, HBO means the most opulent and prestigious telly, but back then, it meant this. How ironic Clarke Peters appears, back when he was ‘that African-American guy who does British telly’.

    This was buried by ITV in a late night slot with little publicity, much to Zenith/Central’s chagrin. Equally galling was when ITV showed a month later, with far more publicity, in a primetime slot, Frederick Forsyth Presents – Just Another Secret, which had pretty much exactly the same plot.

  2. Richardpd

    April 3, 2024 at 10:35 pm

    In the late 1980s the ITV companies often seemed make American co-productions, with creatively assembled transatlantic casts.

    The telemovie Murder On The Moon was a good example, along with Granada contributing to the Ray Bradbury Theater.

  3. George White

    April 4, 2024 at 8:58 am

    I’ve been keeping a list of US network copros.

    Here’s the 80s ones.

    A Tale of Two Cities (1980 – ITC)
    Ivanhoe (1982 – Columbia)
    Oliver Twist (1982 – Yorkshire)
    QED (1982 – Hawksworth)
    Scarlet and the Black (1983 – ITC)
    Arch of Triumph (1984 – HTV)
    The Master of Ballentrae (1984 – HTV)
    Romance (1986 1990- various TVMs, Tears in the Rain, Love with the Perfect Stranger, Magic Moments- Yorkshire – ORIGINALLY AIRED ON SHOWTIME)
    Escape from Sobibor (1987 – Central)
    A Gathering of Old Men (1987 – Central/C4)
    The Woman He Loved (1988 – HTV)
    Jack the Ripper (1988 – Thames/Euston)
    Windmills of the Gods (1988 – ITC)
    Beryl Markham – A Shadow on the Sun (1988 – LWT)
    The Hiding of Anne Frank (1988 – Yorkshire)
    The Shell Seekers (1989 – Yorkshire)
    Murder on the Moon (1989 – LWT)
    Hands of A Murderer (1989 – Yorkshire)
    Till We Meet Again (1989 – Yorkshire)
    The Pied Piper (1989 – Granada)
    Outpost (1989 – HTV – unbroadcast in Britain)
    Where’s Wally (1991-92)
    To Be The Best (1992 – LWT)


    The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb (1980 – HTV)
    Little Gloria – Happy at Last (1982 – London Films/C4)
    Kennedy (1983 – Central)
    Romance on the Orient Express (1985 – Yorkshire)
    Behind Enemy Lines (1985 -TVS)
    Spitting Image – Down and Out in the White House (1986 – Central)
    Poor Little Rich Girl – The Barbara Hutton Story (1987 – ITC – US production shot in England)
    Freedom Fighter (1988 – HTV)
    Pursuit/Twist of Fate (1989 – HTV)
    The Old Man and the Sea (1990 – Yorkshire)
    Dame Edna’s Hollywood (1991-93 – LWT)
    Jewels (1992 – Carlton)
    Silent Cries (1993 – Yorkshire)
    A Woman of Independent Means (1995 -ITC/C4)
    Gulliver’s Travels (1996 – C4/ITV Schools)


    Invasion (1980 – Granada)
    ABC Afterschool Special/Middle English – The Night Swimmers/Daddy, I’m their Mamma Now (1983 – ITV Schools)
    David Frost’s Guinness Records specials (1982 – 1987 – LWT)
    Queenie (1987 – LWT)
    Max Headroom (1987 – Chrysalis/C4)
    Passion and Paradise (1989 – HTV)
    Jekyll and Hyde (1990 – LWT)
    Covington Cross (1992 – Thames)

    Star Fleet (1981)
    Three Tales Dark and Dangerous (1981 – HTV)
    Captain Scarlet – Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars (1981 – ITC)
    Thunderbirds in Outer Space/Countdown to Disaster (1982 – ITC)
    Stingray – The Incredible Voyage of Stingray/Invaders from the Deep (1981/1984 – ITC)
    Frankenstein (1984 – Yorkshire)
    The Masks of Death (1984 – Channel 4)
    Murder In Space (1985 – Central)
    On Trial – Lee Harvey Oswald (1985 – LWT)
    Robin of Sherwood (1986 – HTV)
    Romance (1986 1990- various TVMs, Tears in the Rain, Love with the Perfect Stranger,, Magic Moments- Yorkshire)
    Thunderbirds 2086 (ITC – for BBC)
    Codename Kyril (1988 – HTV)
    Granpa (1989 – TVS)
    Milk and Honey (1989 – C4)
    The Tale of Little Pig Robinson (1990 – TVS)
    The Endless Game (1990 – Granada)
    Chris Cross (1993 – Central)
    Daisies in December (1995 – HTV, aired on BBC Two)
    Bullet to Beijing/Midnight in St Petersburg (1996 – Channel 5)
    September (1996 – HTV)
    Lexx (1997 – Channel 5)
    The Ruby Ring/The Princess Stallion (1997 – Scottish – neither shown on ITV)
    More Tales of the City (1998 – Channel 4)
    My Beautiful Son (2001 – Granada)
    Cape Wrath (2007 – Channel 4)
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl (2007-2011 – ITV2)

    Gregory’s Girl (1981 – STV)
    A Private Function (1984 – thanks to Granada)
    Mona Lisa (1986 – C4)
    The Tall Guy (1989 – LWT)
    Crossing the Line (1990 – STV)
    Damage (1992 – LWT)
    HACKERS (1995 – Granada, yes, really, motion control camera courtesy of Granada TV)
    Elizabeth (1998 – C4)
    Ghost World (2001 – Granada)

    Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas (1977 – ATV)
    Brendon Chase (1980 – Southern)
    Invasion UFO (1980 – ITC)
    Thunderbirds To The Rescue (1981 – ITC)
    Secret Valley (1980-1983 – Roger Mirams)
    Runaway Island (1982 – Roger Mirams/Grundy)
    The Secret of Seagull Island (1982 – ITC)
    All The Rivers Run (1982 – Channel 4/Seven Network)
    Fraggle Rock (1983 – CBC/TVS – Canadian version)
    Separate Tables (1983 – HTV)
    The Sign of Four/The Hound of the Baskervilles (1983 – Plaschkes)
    Mr. Halpern and Mr. Johnson (1983 – HTV/C4)
    Marlowe, Private Eye (1983 – LWT)
    The Unexpurgated Benny Hill (1984 – Thames)
    The Far Pavilions (1984 – Channel 4)
    Jasper Carrott – American Carrott (1985 – Channel 4)
    Murrow (1986 – TVS/Channel 4)
    The Worst Witch (1986, 1998-2000 – Central)
    Mandela (1987 – TVS/Channel 4)
    The Storyteller (1987 – TVS/Channel 4)
    Intimate Contact (1987 – Central)
    Murderers Among Us – The Simon Wiesenthal Story (1988 – TVS)
    The Waldheim Inquiry (1988 – Thames)
    The Josephine Baker Story (1988 – Anglia)
    A Dangerous Life (1988 – Central)
    Coded Hostile – Behind the Korean Airliner Tragedy (1988 – Granada)
    The Ghost of Faffner Hall (1989 – Tyne-Tees)
    Red King, White Knight (1989 – Central)
    Age Old Friends (1989 – Central)
    Dead Man Out (1989 – Granada)
    Why Lockerbie (1989 – Granada)
    Who Bombed Birmingham (1990 – Granada)
    Hostages (1992 – Granada)
    Mr. Bean (1993 – Thames)
    The Adventures of Paddington Bear (1998 – CITV)
    Animated Tales of the World (2001 – S4C/Channel 4)
    The Deal (2003 – Channel 4)
    Da Ali G Show (2003 – Channel 4)
    Elizabeth I (2005 – Channel 4)
    Longford (2007 – Channel 4)
    The Ricky Gervais Show (2010 – Channel 4)
    This is pre-2010


    Gregory’s Girl (1981 – STV)
    Britannia Hospital (1982 – STV via Gregory’s Girl)
    Local Hero (1983 – STV, uncredited)
    Comfort and Joy (1984 – STV)
    Consuming Passions (1987 – Thames/Euston)
    Dealers (1989 – Euston/Thames)
    Paper Mask (1990 – Granada/C4)
    Under Suspicion (1991 – LWT)

  4. George White

    April 12, 2024 at 9:32 am

    JW of another one – TNT/TVS copro Secret Weapon where Griffin Dunne plays Israeli nuclear scientist Mordechai Vanunu (who leaked secrets to the Sunday Times), Karen Allen the Mossad spy, John Rhys-Davies as her guv’nor, Jeroen Krabbe, and Brian Cox is Andrew Neil, but made to look nothing like Neil, and instead looks like one imagined Logan Roy looked like in 1987. A pre-Eldorado Roger Walker also appears as a Mirror reporter, thus connecting his Rainbow cohorts Rod and Jane with Marion Ravenwood and Jack Goodman.

    The BBC did start to do similar too, with HBO/BBC blacklisting thriller/fictionalisation of the making of the Richard Greene Robin Hood Fellow Traveller (1989), the USA network copros Not A Penny More, Not. A Penny Less (Eds Asner and Begley Jr do Jeffrey Archer) and the Aussie/BBC/USA co-pro Ring of Scorpio with Catherine Oxenberg and Jack Scalia. Although there’s been a lot of HBO/ITV/C4 and BBC/HBO stuff, it’s usually a bit classier.

    ABC (including titles recognised as British by TVBrain)

    The Valiant Years (1961)

    An Evening with Nat King Cole (1963)

    Hornblower (1963 pilot – Alcoa Premiere)

    Meeting Point: Will the Real Jesus Christ Please Stand Up (1967)

    Princess Grace of Monaco (1968)

    Luther (1968)

    The World of Jacques Cousteau (1960s-70s – constantly billed as ‘from BBC Bristol’, and shown as part of the World About Us/Tlentifini Maarhaysu, but seems to have been a buy-in with editorial involvement a la Storyville).

    Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1969 – current affairs)

    Horizon: The View from Space (1969)*

    Through Other Eyes – Comrade Soldier (1969)

    Here Come the Double Deckers (1970)

    2nd House – Eye of the Storm (1970)*

    Parkinson Special – with Dick Cavett (1972)/The ABC Wide World Entertainment – Dick Cavett Show/Parkinson – Frazier/Ali Special

    Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1973 re-edits as part of the Wide World of Entertainment)

    Man Alive (1973) – BBC aired five George Plimpton ABC/Wolper specials in 1973 as part of Man Alive.*

    Quiller (1975 – a few eps on ABC Wide World of Mystery)

    Globe Theatre/ABC Theatre: F Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood (1975)

    Perry Como’s Olde English Christmas (1977)

    Out of Court/ABC News: The Shooting of Big Man (1982 – shown somewhat edited on the BBC)

    Ziggy’s Gift (1983)

    The Christmas Toy (1983 – made with some BBC money under-the-counter, the followup series for Disney Channel, the Secret Life of Toys was a full BBC copro).

    Live Aid (1985 – technically, but there were differences and ABC only showed the Philadelphia concert – while the European stuff aired in syndication/MTV)

    David Bowie – Glass Spider (1988)

    ABC Weekend Specials: The Legend of Lochnagar (1994)

    ABC Afterschool Specials/Scene: Montana Crossroads (1995)

    20/20 – The Diana Interview (1995 – truncated version of the Panorama)

    Muppets Tonight (1996 – Season 1 only shown by the BBC)

    The Miracle Maker (2000)

    Arabian Nights (2000)

    Defying Gravity (2009)

    The Borrowers (2011)


    VT presentation imports

    Aldous Huxley on Thought Control with Mike Wallace (1958)
    An Evening with Bing Crosby (1958)/The Bing Crosby Show (1950s-1960s)
    Hollywood Palace (1960s)
    Brigadoon (1966) – videotaped Scottish-set adaptation, taped in the US with UK cast.
    The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1968)
    Diana (1971)
    Roberta Flack Donny Hathaway: Double Exposure (1972 – aired in the US, 1976)
    Bette Davis with Dick Cavett (1972 – ‘an ABC production’)
    Dick Cavett – Fred Astaire (1973 – An ABC production)
    Pueblo (1973 – ‘for Titus Productions’/shot on vt, marketed in Radio Times as if it were a BBC production)
    The Missiles of October (1974)
    The Osmonds (1975)
    Victory at Entebbe (1976)
    Hollywood Nights with Olivia Newton John (1980)
    Perry Como’s Spring in San Francisco (1983 – ‘A Roncom production’, like all the other Como shows)

    (on film)
    From Precinct to President (1958)
    Soviet Woman (1963)
    The Flintstones (1960s, billed as a Hanna Barbera production in reruns)
    Hollywood The Great Stars (1963- A Wolper Production)
    Berlin – Kaiser to Khrushchev (1964 – A Wolper Production)
    China Diary (1967)
    The Long Childhood of Timmy (1968)
    General Eisenhower on The Military Churchill (1968)
    Once Upon a Wheel (1971 – shot on film, with Stirling Moss)
    F Scott Fitzgerald and the Last of the Belles (1975 – ‘for Titus Productions’)
    Victory at Entebbe (1976 – shot on video drama – A Wolper Production)
    The Winged Colt (1977 – 3 part Weekend Special, each ep billed as ‘an ABC Circle film’)
    Roots (1977 – yes, billed ‘as A Wolper Production’)
    ABC Weekend Specials (1970s – billed as ‘an ABC circle film’ ‘or ABC circle film presentation’. For extra BBC connections – they adapted Alan Coren’s Arthur the Kid).
    The Miss Piggy Show (1983, ‘a Henson production’)

    Omnibus/Grandstand – View from Space (1969 – bought-in ABC doc, a la Storyville)

    Here Come the Double Deckers (turned down by the Beeb, picked up by ABC, made in UK, broadcast by the BBC)

    A Christmas Carol (1969 – made independently by Richard Williams, shown on BBC in 1971)

    2nd House – Eye of the Storm (1970), part of the Melvyn Bragg arts show, shown on ABC in 1970.

    The ABC Diana Ross special Diana! was aired as a BBC Show of the Week.

    Man Alive (1973) – BBC aired five George Plimpton ABC/Wolper specials in 1973 as part of Man Alive.

    Noel Edmonds Show on ABC in 1987 showed his Macca interview.

    On the Air (1992 – apparently pre-sold to the BBC, all eps aired on BBC, unlike ABC who left several unaired)

    Arabian Nights (2000 – a British coproduction made by Hallmark in Britain, the fact it aired on BBC One the same weekend as it did in America suggests BBC involvement).

    Kingdom Hospital (2004 – seems to have been some kind of BBC copro, from the BBC Cult site)

    Not sure whether to put QB VII (1974), made and set mostly in Britain, shown on BBC1 in 1976, rehashing a 1973 docudrama According to the Rules (even with some cast members in different roles), and featuring a BBC reporter character.


    The TW3 Kennedy special (1963)

    One ep of Steptoe and Son in 1964 on the Jack Paar Program.

    Meeting Point – The Coming of Christ (1960)/Meeting Point – Project 20 – Way of the Cross (1960s)

    Panorama – Live from New York (1965)

    Tales from Overseas/NBC Children’s Theatre – Stuart Little (1966)

    The Bell Telephone Hour – Benjamin Britten and his Festival (1967)

    Babar (1968/1971) – NBC-narrated Peter Ustinov animations that seemed to be bought by the BBC to continue the Eric Thompson-narrated Anglo-French series.

    Investiture of His Royal Highness Prince Charles as Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester (1969), with Emlyn Williams

    From Here to the 70s (1969 – current affairs)

    Meet the Press – Prince Philip Interview (1969 – billedas HRH Duke of Edinburgh Meets the American Press- current affairs)

    The Andy Williams Show (1962-1971 – listed as a BBC LE show in 1969-70, no other US shows are)

    Portrait of Petula (1969 – according to some sources a BBC copro)

    The Snow Goose (1970)

    Pinter People (1970)

    The Search for the Nile (1971)

    Barrier Reef (1971 – a John McCallum Production with DL Taffner for the Ten Network) premiered on the BBC, and then was shown on NBC briefly)

    Alistair Cooke’s America (1972)

    The Special London Bridge Special (1973)

    Robinson Crusoe (1974)

    After the Fall (1974 – part of a coproduction/exchange deal with the above)

    Walk with Destiny/Hallmark Hall of Fame.- The Gathering Storm (1974)

    Hallmark Hall of Fame/Globe Theatre – The Country Girl (1974)

    Omnibus – African Sanctus (1975)

    The Inventing of America (1975)

    Into Infinity (1976)

    Hunchback of Notre Dame (1976)The Disappearance of Aimee (1976- part of a coproduction/exchange deal with the above))

    Escape from Colditz (1977- some regions)

    The Billion Dollar Bubble (1978)

    The Rutles – All You Need is Cash (1978 – began as a BBC project, picked up in pre-pro by NBC, then shown on BBC)

    The Great English Garden Party (1978 – BBC/NBC tennis doc produced by Superstars/Anglo-American sports TV producers Transworld)

    Little Mo (1978.- NBC TV movie about Wimbledon made as a tie-in to NBC’s Wimbledon coverage, then shown by the BBC for same reasons, like the above)

    Born to the Wind (1979)*

    Treasures of the British Crown (1979)

    The Martian Chronicles (1980)

    Peter Ustinov and Natalie Wood at the Hermitage (1980)

    Goodbye Mr President (16th August 1988)-A repackaged edition of that day’s NBC News with Tom Brokaw.

    Decision 88 (1988)

    Fine Cut/Storyville – Fallen Champ – the Untold Story of Mike Tyson (1994)

    TV Nation (1995-1996)

    Stressed Eric (1998)

    Walking with Dinosaurs (2001-2002)

    Merlin (2008)


    The Julie Andrews Show (1966), NBC special aired as a BBC Show of the Week.

    NBC VT productions
    Dinah Shore show (1958 – 8 eps)
    Pontiac Star Parade (1959 – aired as The Gene Kelly Show)
    Astaire Time (1960)
    The Bob Hope Show (1960)
    The Andy Williams Show (1960s)
    Hallmark Hall of Fame Peter Pan (1964)
    Frank Sinatra: A Man and his Music (1965)
    The Julie Andrews Show (1965)
    Hallmark Hall of Fame – Pinocchio (1968)
    LaughIn (1968-1972 – even the Harvey Jason eps)
    Petula (1968)
    H Andrew Williams Kaleidoscope (1969)
    Love, Andy (1969)
    Portrait of Petula (1969 – shot in London)
    The Spring Thing (1969)
    The Second Bill Cosby Special (1969 – A Campbell-Singer-Cosby production)
    Jack Benny’s 20th Anniversary Show (1970)
    Verrrry Interesting/Arte Johnson Show (1971)
    Flip (1971)
    Cole Porter in Paris (1973)
    NBC Follies/Its Follies Time (1973)
    The Perry Como Winter Show (1973- with the Muppets)
    Really Raquel (1973 with the Krofft puppets)
    Bell Family Theatre – S’Wonderful (1974)
    Get Happy (1975)
    The Mandrell Sisters (1981)
    Dean Martin’s Comedy Classics (1982 – Maude Frickert!)

    Billed as productions for the BBC
    NBC film
    Project 20 – The Jazz Age (1958)
    The Perry Como Music Hall (1960 – an NBC recording, presented for BBC TV by Yvonne Littlewood)
    Project 20 – Mark Twain’s America (1960 – An NBC Project 20 film – introduced by Gilbert Harding)
    Project 20 – Not So Long Ago (1961 – An NBC ‘Project 20′ projection’
    Project 20 – The Real West (1961 -An N.B.C. Project 20 programme )
    Project 20 – the Will Rogers Story (1961 – An N.B.C. Project 20 programme)
    Project 20 – Laughter USA with George Burns (1963 – a film from NBC Project 20)
    Project 20 – Circus (1963 -An N.B.C. Project 20 programme )
    The Louvre – A Golden Prison (1965 -A documentary film produced for N.B.C. News)
    That War in Korea (1965 – narrated by Rene Cutforth – An NBC documentary film)
    American Landmark (1966 An NBC film)
    The End of the Trail with Walter Brennan (1967 – An NBC film)
    Vincent Van Gogh (1967- An NBC News film, adapted for BBC Television)
    Leningrad (1967 – ‘Produced by George A. Vicas for N.B.C. News’)
    The Age of Kennedy (1967 – adapted from NBC)
    Travels with Charley (1968 – A film produced for NBC)
    Passport to Prague (1968 – ‘for NBC in association with Czechoslovakian Television’)
    Color Me German (1969)

    An American Adventure (1981 – narrated by Maryse Addison)
    The World About Us/NBC Project 20 – Down to the Sea in Ships (1968 – narrated by Burgess Meredith)

    Five Faces of War (1968 – ‘A National Broadcasting Company production’)
    Hans Brinker (1969 – shot on film US/Euro special starring Robin Askwith!)
    The London Bridge Special (1972 – merely a Winters/Rosen Special)
    The Roman Holidays (1970s, ‘A Hanna-Barbera production’)
    The New Fred and Barney Show (1970s, ‘A Hanna-Barbera production’)
    Love from A to Z (1974 – A Wolper production shot in England)
    Perry Como’s Christmas in Austria (1976 – coproduced with ORF)
    The Red Hand Gang (1978)
    Holocaust (1978 – billed merely as a Titus production, mainly UK cast, possibly involved in the NBC-BBC exchange)
    Moviola (1980 – A Wolper Production)
    The Wonderful World of Disney (1970s/80s – episodes billed on BBC as individual eps with A Walt Disney production – the likes of The Hunter and the Rock Star not billed as films)
    Kissyfur (1986 – ‘an NBC production’)

    The 1969 Omnibus The Other World of Winston Churchill, originally aired on NBC as a Hallmark Hall of Fame, got a UK cinema release in 1967 and then got a TV airing as an Omnibus in 1969.

    The 1969 NBC Experiment in Television Pinter People – made in Britain by Potterton productions, shown on BBC in 1970. Turns out it was a BBC copro.

    The 1970 News special Sahara was shown on BBC Two in 1970, as a World About Us, billed as being from BBC Bristol/South and West, but seems to be an entirely American concern.

    The 1970 Laugh-in spinoff Ver-r-ry Interesting was shown as part of the BBC’s Show of the Week, billed as ‘The Arte Johnson Show’.
    The 1970 NBC David Winters-Raquel Welch special Raquel was shown as part of the BBC’s Show of the Week variety slot.

    The Special London Bridge Special (1972, using footage from Raquel) – shown on the BBC in 1973, made independently by the Anglo-American Winters Hollywood company. the main BBC element is (incidentally a pioneering BBC comedy face) Terry-Thomas plays a lookalike bus conductor named Terry-Thomas who denies he is THE Terry-Thomas. It’s billed like a coproduction in the RT.

    The Jack Paar Programme (1963 – showed the Panorama spaghetti tree hoax)
    The Dean Martin Comedy World in 1975 featured sketches from Morecambe and Wise and python.

    Man Alive aired two NBC specials – Murder in America and Murder Weapons (1973)/(1974)

    The BBC-NBC exchange deal that resulted in the Gathering Storm, Robinson Crusoe and Hunchback of Notre Dame also gave us The Disappearance of Aimee (1976) and After the Fall (1974), but I’m not sure if these had any BBC production or editorial involvement.

    Discovered that technically yes, the BBC All Creatures series is a spinoff of the 1974 NBC film, as the BBC licensed the rights from producer David Susskind, but after the first series which Susskind had a financial stake in, he sold the rights to the BBC.


    Tonight with Belafonte (1959)

    Hedda Gabler (1962)

    Elizabeth Taylor in London (1963)

    Victory in Europe (1965)

    Town Meeting of the World (1965)

    National Geographic: Alaska (1967)/Ethiopia – the Hidden Empire (1970)*

    The Royal Family (1969)

    LBJ – Why I Chose Not To Run (1969 – current affairs)

    The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1970)

    Man Alive: A Night in Jail, A Day in Court (1970)*

    Penguin City (1970)*

    The Carol Burnett Show in London (1970)

    The World About US – Monsters – Mysteries or Myths (1974) – Wolper-produced proto-Mysterious World documentary about Loch Ness.

    Don Quixote (1973)

    The Selfish Giant (1973 – CTV/CBS/BBC short by Potterton films, with music by the King’s Singers)

    The Marlene Dietrich Show (1973)

    Crystal Tipps and Alistair (1974 – shown on Captain Kangaroo)

    The Little Mermaid (1974 – another CTV/Potterton/BBC copro)

    Camera Three – The Family (1974 – an edited one hour version)

    Midweek Special – the Rockefellers (1974)*

    Gianni Schicchi (1975)

    The Bolshoi Ballet Present Romeo and Juliet (1976)

    The Money Programme: The Second Battle of Britain (1976)*

    Stories from Around the World: My Father Sun-Sun Johnson/That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out/Little Pig/Friend or Foe (1978 – aired as CBS Children’s Film Festival – only 2 eps left out)

    Ludwig (1977 – shown on Captain Kangaroo)

    TOTP USA (1987, used clips from the BBC show)

    Smith and Jones (1991)

    Return of the Native (1994)

    Tales From The Far Side (1994)

    Letterman in London (1995)

    Bob the Builder (2001)

    Robbie the Reindeer specials (2002, redubbed)

    Lazytown (2004)

    Ghosts (2023)


    Several episodes of Horizon,The Computer Revolution (1968) and Don’t Get Sick in America (1970) were CBS imports.

    Several National Geographic Specials, i.e. Alaska (1967) narrated by Alexander Scourby Ethiopia – the Hidden Empire (1970, Joseph Campanella) and Miss Goodall and the Gorillas were also shown as the World About US. Sometimes, they were redubbed with new narration, other times, as with Scourby and Campanella, the narration was retained.

    Gauguin in Tahiti (1968) – A CBS special presented by the BBC, with Michael Redgrave

    Penguin City (1970) – Shown on BBC Two, as a World About Us, billed as being from BBC Bristol/South and West, but seems to be an entirely American concern.
    Ditto the Man Alive – A Night in Jail, A Day at the Court (1970).
    Omnibus presentation of Californian Impressions – Henri Cartier Bresson (1971)
    BBC Show of the Week Presents: Really Raquel (1974).
    According to TVBrain, the CBS doc the Rockefellers (1974) is British, as it aired in the Midweek Special slot.

    CBS productions – all presented or edited by the BBC
    CBS Reports – Year of the Polaris (1960)
    Victory at Sea (1953)
    See It Now (1954)
    Reports from Africa (1956)
    CBS Reports Harvest of Shame (1961)
    CBS Reports Who Speaks for the South (1961 – renamed from Who Speaks for Birmingham – not to confuse)
    CBS Reports The Great American Funeral (1964)
    CBS Reports Murder and the Right To Bear Arms (1964)
    CBS Reports De Gaulle – The Challenge (1964)
    Music International – Isaac Stern (1965)
    Henry Moore – Man of Form (1966)
    Bach Transmogrified (1969)
    That Day in Dallas (1969)
    24 Hours – Selling of the PENTAGON (1971 CBS)
    The Last King of America (1974 – a ‘CBS film’ – even gets a drawing in the Radio Times, a big illustrated grotesque of Ustinov – the previous episode of the series – Ustinov in a Conversation with Lord North was a coproduction with LWT’s Aquarius strand)
    The Amazing Howard Hughes (1977 – ‘A Roger Gimbel production for EMI Television Programs’)
    Defence of the United States (1982)
    1984 with Walter Cronkite (1983)
    The plane that Fell from the Sky (1982)
    Kenny and Dolly -a Christmas to Remember ( 1984- an RP production, partly set in the UK)
    A Claymation Christmas Celebration (1988, A Wil Vinton Production)
    Meet the Raisins (1989, A Wil Vinton Production)
    Superman’s 50th Anniversary (1988, A Guber-Peters Production)
    Diana Ross – Red Hot Rhythm and Blues (1988 – An Anaid Film Production)

    CBS VT presentations/billed as independent productions
    Person to Person – Ed Murrow on the Queen Mary (1954)
    The Jack Benny Hour (1959 – aired as the Jack Benny Spectacular)
    The Judy Garland Show (1962 – A CBS recording)
    The First Lady at Home (1962 – A CBS recording)
    The Golden Rose of Montreux – The Jackie Gleason Show – The American Scene Magazine(1964 – A CBS production)
    Vladimir Horowitz (1968 – A CBS recording)
    Bach Transmogrified (1969 – A CBS recording)
    The Danny Kaye Show (1963)
    An Evening with Carol Burnett (1963 – aired as Carol and Co)
    Herb Alpert and His Tijuana Brass (1967)/The Beat of the Brass (1968)
    Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing (1968)/Sinatra (1969)
    Show of the Week Raquel (1970 – shot on film)
    Annie, the Women in the Life of a Man (1970)
    The Carol Burnett Show (1970)
    The American West of John Ford (1971)
    Show of the Week – Of Thee I Sing (1972)
    Perry Como’s Christmas in Mexico (1975 – in association with Televisa)
    Shirley MacLaine: Gypsy in my Soul (1976)
    Joey and Redhawk (1978 – CBS afternoon kids serial shown by the BBC)
    Kenny Rogers and the American Cowboy (1979 – film/vt mix)
    Goldie and Liza Together (1980)

    CBS Children’s Film Festival – JT (1970)
    Picasso (1973)
    You Are There (1973-1974)
    The Last King of America (1974)
    Eubie Blake (1982)

    The CBS special The Second battle of Britain (1976) was aired on the BBC as an edition of the Money Programme.

    Did You See ‘Presented’ The CBS special Don’t Touch That Dial (1982).

    Fall from Grace (1994) – listed as a BBC-Sky coproduction online but only aired by the BBC. Sky had production involvement, BBC didn’t.

    Return of the Native (1994) was shown as a Screen Two, but seems to have been made independently without the BBC.

    The Plane That Fell from the Sky (1983), 1984 with Walter Cronkite (1983) and Defence of the United States (1981) – all CBS documentaries with BBC presentation/introduction credits. 24 Hours – the Selling of the Pentagon, Midweek Special – the Rockefellers (1974), That Day in Dallas LBJ SPeaks (1970) Omnibus – Henri Carter Bresson

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