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Champion the Wonder Horse

TEXTBOOK RELIC that someone hung around for decades, even getting a showing as late as the mid-80s. Still, it must’ve kept GENE AUTRY in pocket, for it was he on lead vocal duties for that spine-tingling, memory-branding title theme, belting out a tribute to his own quadraped, conveniently also named Champion. Show concerned itself with the horrors of the Wild West where rocks would tumble unannounced down the side of a cliff onto a road, and rivers were always bursting their banks close to nice people’s settlements. BARRY CURTIS was the horse’s best friend, spurring him on to derring-do, and who looked like every kid from America that used to turn up on black and white TV (freckles, a moon face and stupid fringe).

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  1. ladyskyflake

    July 20, 2015 at 3:58 am

    My mum told me that the first time she took me to church at the age of four and the congregation started singing a hymn, I felt left out because I didn’t know the song so I started belting out ‘Champion, the Wonder Horse’ instead. She said, ‘I knew right then you would grow up to be a wee pagan…’

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