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Call Me Mister

ANGLO/ANTIPODEAN CO-PRODUCTION, trotted out in that tantalising post-9pm-news not-too-adult-but-worth-staying-up-for-all-the-same slot. Oz Australian bloke (STEVE BISLEY, Jim Goose in “Mad Max”) is the bastard son who inherits the title “Sir”; Call Me Mister indicates his reluctance to adopt it. Moves to the UK where he meets his half-siblings (HAYDN GWYNNE and RUPERT FRAZER). They’re not too glad to see him – bro’ suspects he’s an imposter. Other characters include a wheelchair-bound private eye (not Ironside but DAVID BAMBER) and Bamber’s rather attractive girlfriend Jock (VALERIE GOGAN). And would you believe that Bisley’s romantic interest in the show is none other than Precious Matthews from Grange Hill (DULCIE LIECIER)? Pretty much a star-studded cast, though Precious swings it for us. All in all, a series’ worth of criminal activities for Bisley to sort out. Very flash, standard Crocodile Dundee stereotyping, but very watchable.

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  1. Austin Maxi

    October 19, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    I remember that the Australian lead character’s vehicle of choice was a Mini.

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