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Birdwatch/Foxwatch etc.

TONY “WILDTRACK” SOPER was your host for “BIRD”, stuck on some godforsaken Scottish island with a couple of experts for a weekend (regular updates) looking for puffins and rare gulls but mainly getting gannet and shags (cue forced laughter in freezing-cold bunker). “FOX” came earlier, an Attenboroughcentric infra-redathon in Bristol, with much whispered commentary and very little in the way of actual foxes. Gave rise to whole battery of WATCH strands, including HOSPITAL WATCH (FRANK BOUGH regards someone getting a heart transplant, MAGGIE PHILBIN brings presents to grumpy children’s ward – a nation shrugs) and, of course, GHOSTWATCH (PARKY gets taken over by arsey poltergeist – a nation cheers).

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