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All Gas and Gaiters

What you might call 'a clerical error', ho ho!VAPOURS-IN-THE-VESTRY PALAVER fronted by DEREK NIMMO, here beginning long service as TV’s resident clerical buffoon. Spun off from a Comedy Playhouse pilot, proceedings focused on fusty 13th century St Oggs Cathedral and tetchy relations betwixt accident-prone Nimmo (The Rev. Mervyn Noote) and his superiors, the “Bishop” (WILLIAM MERVYN), the “Dean” (JOHN BARRON/ERNEST CLARK) and “Archdeacon” (ROBERTSON HARE). Much brown-smocked font/fount japery ensued. Occasional appearances from obligatory “dotty” parishioner JOAN SANDERSON. Nimmo made a timely move into different-yet-totally-similar bowl-haircutted lead in OH BROTHER!, which bizarrely ran at the same time as All Gas…, though with the cassock swapped for a monk’s habit.

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