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ILL-FITTING repositioning of Radio 4’s Graham Fellows-portrayed leading Yamaha-toter as a full-on Radio 1 DJ, never quite sure whether he should be playing the latest hip Britpop sounds or more the sort of records that John himself would have liked, but always worth it for ‘Make Mary Merry’, in which those uncouth alternative comedians were challenged to raise a titter from the famously dour Mrs Shuttleworth.

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  1. Matty

    October 31, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    This is probably the show that introduced me to Shuttleworth and that whole Northern-English thing of finding the funny in the mundane and everyday partly because it’s so mundane and everyday. I loved the (naturally) Shuttleworth-sung themetune. The “Make Mary Merry” segments whereby a a alternative comedian was invited onto the show to do a bit of their set to a generally unimpressed Mary often sounded genuinely uncomfortable.

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