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Creamguide (Films) Commentaries: Highlander

Here they are, born to be kings – it’s Chris, Craig and – to a fuller extent – Jack, to discuss what any 13-year-old boy would agree is the greatest directed film of all time. Ably guided by Creamguide (Films) listener Jonathan Wilkins (it was he who nominated this movie for commentary treatment, don’t you know?), our trio of immortals neatly sidestep the usual chat about inappropriate accents for a loving reminiscence of the greatest film in the entire Highlander canon. What does incompetent mean? Listen to this and you will surely find out!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. George White

    May 1, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Reverse FAQ

    I’,m the same with Chris. My mum had the vid for years, but never watched it until I got the dvd when I was 17.

    1. Polito’s scene was drastically reduced in editing.
    2. It’s Peter Diamond, the stunt co-ordinator of Empire Strikes Back and a frequent stuntman in Troughton Who, hence why his son is called Frazer.
    3. It is. Also wrote Alien 3.
    4. Billy Hartman, Terry in Emmerdale.
    5. Shoot to Kill is the Berenger-Brown film, also with Sidney Potter.
    6. The cinematographer is Gerry Fisher.
    7. The older ‘tec is Alan North, Hocken in the original Police Squad series.
    8. The film was initated by Thorn-EMI, then under the reign of Verity Lambert, but during pre-production, Cannon bought Thorn-EMI.
    9. The script for Greystoke was rewritten against Towne’s wishes by Colin Welland!
    10. No, but the Long Kiss Goodnight does feature Alan North.
    11. Highlander 2, also written by Brian Clemens, who apparently didn’t give a fuck.
    12. I think the rights to the series bobbed about. The second film was independently funded with money from Entertainment Film Distributors, the third and fourth were Miramax/Dimension, the third in Montreal, the fourth in Romania and the fifth was made in Lithuania by that failed third attempt to revive HandMade Films.
    13. Edney is currently in Poldark, as Prudie. Weirdly, she played Joan Sims, no relation in Fantabulosa. Syms is also brilliant in the not-great 2005 TV remake of the Poseidon Adventure as Belle/Shelley Winters, even though they scrap her arc by having her husband already dead.
    14. Both Brown and Lambert have cameos in Hail Caesar!
    15. Actually, it’s the other way around. Cleopatra was born closer to us and the pyramid.
    16. Vanilla sang No Way, No Way.
    17. Yes, Van Peebles was in LA LAW.
    18. Rowe was in Mr. Holmes, not Sherlock.
    19. Ian Reddington, he was in Coronation Street later as Liz McDonald’s new squeeze. The other punky guy is John Cassady, a regular in these sort of UK-based US films an was in a few eps of One Foot in the Grave.
    20. Christopher Malcolm.
    21. The nerd is Ron Berglas, yet another North American in the UK. His credits include Heartbeat, Mike and Angelo, the 90s Tomorow People, Ishtar, Rumpole, etc.
    22. Silvercup is used for 30 Rock, and Sex and the City, etc. But not Now You See Me.
    23. Gish was in Small World, but not Dead Head. That was Lindsay Duncan.
    24. Bindi is the daughter. Anwen is the wife.
    25. The James Whale Radio Show ran from 1989 to 1995.

    I’ve told you all before Richard Greene’s been in my house, befriended my grandad on the set of Sword of Sherwood Forest – the Hammer Robin Hood film and gave me dad a dog. When my grandad worked on Zardoz, he told me how small Mrs. Connery was, almost a dwarf.

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