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JOHNS, Glynis

johnsAll-singing, all-dancing, all-piano-playing – ‘the complete actress’ as The Stage would have it. Glynis has certainly had a full career, lasting pretty much six decades, from donning a big vulcanised rubber tail in original mermaid-com Miranda, through settling New Zealand with Jack Hawkins and Kenneth Williams in The Seekers, to deing driven to vinegar-assisted distraction by anal husband Terry-Thomas in Vault of Horror. In all eventualities, class was exhibited in no small spoonfuls. Right up to the end, and even appearing in utter, utter shite like non-rom non-com While You Were Sleeping, she still charmed as a daffily carefree gran.

FINEST HOUR: ‘Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid…’ Call us sentimental, but what better demonstration of her many talents can there be than Mary Poppins?

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