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haydenIf your childhood was anything like ours, a) you’re in serious trouble, and b) you’ll have first noticed La Hayden in Shillingbury Tales, The Right Kind of ITV Ruralist Whimsy. Then later on you’ll have noticed her giving Anthony Ainley an eyeful in Blood on Satan’s Claw, stoving in Geoffrey Keen’s head with a spade in Taste the Blood of Dracula, and doing a tad more than typing for Udo Kier in Expose. Oh, and bending over a snooker table for Robin Askwith in Confessions from a Holiday Camp and beating Airplane! to do the first Airport singing nun parody in Queen Kong, but you can’t have everything.

FINEST HOUR: Controversy ahoy, as always, at the mention of Baby Love, Linda’s debut playing a 15-year-old daughter of slatternly Diana Dors, who promptly offs herself, leaving Keith Barron and his wife (Ann ‘Vince’s mum off of Just Good Friends’ Lynn) to look after her – with, er, interesting results. But, underage worries (she plays 15, she was 15) and the odd bit of creepy sensationalism aside, you won’t find a more assured, worryingly convincing juvenile acting debut in the whole of British cinema.

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