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EATON, Shirley

eatonForever enshrined by the kind of bottom-feeding dimwits who compile pub quizzes as ‘Her off of Goldfinger – end of!’ (Bonus cretin points if they also insist she died under similar circumstances in real life.) In the bright and happy world of fully-functioning adults, however, her career straddles an interesting period between the last days of music hall (Max Bygraves romp Charley Moon, Crazy Gang romp Life is a Circus) and the transatlantic glamour of Bond and co. In between, there was Dentist on the Job, The Naked Truth and Carry Ons wall-to-wall. A fine spread.

FINEST HOUR: Simultaneously filling out and sending up the ‘squeaky blonde in distress’ horror role in top rank Old Dark House spoof What a Carve Up!

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