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CARGILL, Patrick

cargillFor many years on celluloid, supercilliousness had a name, and it’s name was Patrick Cargill. The debonair, cravat-bound old rogue smirked his way through a whole slate of excellent stuff whose makers had the sense to recognise the need of a dismissive upper class bounder. Sinden and Rutherford oddity An Alligator Named Daisy, second class Sellers Up the Creek, also-ran Carry On Jack and Sparrowfest Doctor In Love make up the numbers until leading performances in the titanic Up Pompeii! and Father Dear Father put him front and centre.Good move too since he proves a splendidly cretinous Nero in the former and a brilliantly dizzy daughter-demented fop in the latter. Cargill’s biggest drawback on film was, we never saw enough of him.

FINEST HOUR: Bemoaning the entertainment in Pompeii before it went up. “Oh what a drag this town this is!”

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