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addamsThe well-born Felixstovian had the makings of a highly-respected, if rather boringly respectable, film career: bit part in Singin’ in the Rain, early breaks opposite Rat Pack members, the odd role in a Hollywood Biblical epic. But a small role in upscale meteor sci-fi Riders to the Stars pointed the way to B-movie immortality. Sure enough, after a ’50s spent largely in Italian productions, she struck paydirt as the wife of Paul Massie’s titular ‘ooh, very tart!’ exclaimer in The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll, copping off with suave Christopher Lee when it starts going Hyde-shaped. Cuckolding air stewardess Pamela Tiffin in airline froth Come Fly With Me. Acting the Netto Bond girl opposite Tom Adams in Where the Bullets Fly. And, of course, the Amazonian title role in Zeta One. Ah, we got through this billing without mentioning Triangle.

FINEST HOUR: Mucking in for the war effort alongside Laurence Harvey and Sid James in limpet mine thriller The Silent Enemy.

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