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Three Musketeers, The

The Salkind brothers made this version starring Michael ‘Logan’ York as D’Artagnan, Richard ‘Island Son’ Chamberlain as Aramis, Frank ‘turkeys’ Finlay as Porthos and Oliver ‘The Rebel’ Reed as Athos so it was always going to be a biiiiiig picture. It also stars Charlton ‘NRA’ Heston as Cardinal Richelieu as a right horrible old bastard who gets his comeuppance in the end, so a bit of a cameo role for him, then. What we’ve always wondered about in the Three Musketeers is why they always looked down on people who used guns and not swords when they were ‘musket-eers’ (at least they did in Dogtanain and the Muskehounds). I mean, are we missing something? Anyway, the things that save this film from itself may be listed thus: Roy Kinnear, Spike Milligan, Rodney Bewes, Gretchen Franklin, Francis de Wolff and Frank Thornton.

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