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That’s Your Funeral

You’ve got to love that mid-’70s fad for making films of sitcoms, even ones that, like this feuding funeral directors farce, weren’t at all popular in the first place. Misplaced corpses, a memorial statue, a cremated casket full of hash, a will that inevitably keeps blowing out of people’s hands and some magnificently empty ’70s motorways provide the plot’s weak backbone, and the end result is – yep, a stoned comedy chase scene. Bill ‘Giddy Game Show’ Fraser, Roy ‘Hardwicke House’ Kinnear, Sue ‘Crossroads’ Lloyd, Richard ‘Sykes’ Wattis, Frank ‘Served?’ Thornton, Bob ‘Steam Video’ Todd, Hugh ‘Pardon My Genie’ Paddick, Michael ‘Buses’ Robbins and Michael ‘Hot Mum’ Knowles take part.

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