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Sweeney 2

“They’re back, tougher than ever!” They must have had some dinner, then. Considering the palaver Regan caused at the end of the first Sweeney film it’s actually quite surprising that he and Carter aren’t doing the English equivalent of checking parking meters in Martinique. But anyway, who cares? Lots of drink, shouting, Granadas, hair, Denholm ‘Coleman’ Elliot, Nigel ‘Knowledge’ Hawthorne, Patrick ‘Chisholm’ Malahide, Roddy ‘View From…’ McMillan… excuse me, I have something in my eye. If you watch one television to film police series transfer while scoffing your ‘oops, make it this one. And written by Troy ‘Darkness’ Kennedy Martin, no less. Usually shown in a double bill with Van Der Valk: One Herring’s Not Enough.

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