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Secrets Of Sex

Yes, the sexploitation gang muscled in on the portmanteau horror genre too, with this delirious bitty saga in which a mummy with the voice of Valentine Dyall links half-a-dozen short stories ranging from sub-Mayfair cartoon ‘clothes fall off’ titillation to full-on grotesque body horror, by way of a man splitting himself in two astride a razor-augmented vaulting horse. You can’t accuse the ‘twists’ in these tales of not being up to scratch, as it’s hard to believe they’re meant to be twists in the first place. Wilful non-sequiturs is nearer the mark. Masterminded by William Burroughs acolyte Anthony Balch, creator of the similarly off-centre Horror Hospital (1973), which pitted hippie Robin Askwith against Michael Gough and his customized youth-decapitating Rolls-Royce.

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