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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Firstest and mostest of the Indiana Jones films – and from a time before they were even called Indiana Jones films and got all smart-arsed and in-jokey. No, this was serious stuff. We all know the story of course: Ark of the Covenant found in Egypt, nicked by naughty Nazis, opened by him out of The Long Good Friday; but what we’re really looking for when it’s shown on the telly is just how much they include of the gore at the climax. Will they show Paul Freeman’s head exploding? They almost never do. Nor the skin and blood being drained away from Ronald Lacey’s face, neither. Depends on the time, we suppose. Denouement after 9? Hmmmm, maybe. Before, never. BBC, hardly ever. Channel Five, always.

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  1. Richard Davies

    December 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    Also sometimes trimmed is the amount of blood sprayed by Pat “Bomber” Roach when he doesn’t notice that propeller in spite of the engine running above he head.

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