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Punch and Judy Man, The

Hancock’s other film is a bit dark and not as much fun as The Rebel, we’re saying. As a seaside Punch and Judy man the lad ‘imself gets driven to distraction by the council and the holidaymakers and ends up at the Lord Mayor’s ball but things go wrong for him, natch. It was a complete disaster when it came out in the pictures – no doubt people wanted to see Cheam shenanigans – but far better thought of now. In fact, we’ve always contended that the scene in the ice cream parlour when everything he does is copied by the little boy was used by Spielberg in Jaws when Roy Scheider’s son does the same at the dinner table. But then of course big American film types don’t watch old British films, do they? At least not if Tom Hanks is to believed since he said that, prior to filming his contemporary shite remake of The Ladykillers he didn’t watch the original and has, in fact, never seen it. Our advise, tom; don’t watch it – it’ll just depress you. Anyway, here come Sylvia ‘Ice Cold’ Sims, Ronald ‘Wrath’ Fraser, John Le Mesurier, Hugh ‘black ones’ Lloyd, Mario ’10-4′ Fabrizi, and Hattie ‘Welcoming Land’ Jacques all featuring, among others.

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