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Police Academy 3: Back in Training

We’ve had the chance to review every one of the first five Police Academy films now (the core canon, the Pentateuch, if you will). And, as ever, we’ll avoid the task completely by sidetracking onto a point of trivial whimsy. We’ve often wondered what the people who write the specially commissioned songs for these comedy films (the knockabout opening theme and plaintive ‘love interlude’, usually) do for the rest of the year. Well, Tena Clark, responsible for …Training’s exultant opener “It’s a Team Thing” and much else here, is a former Coke jingle writer who now programmes the in-flight music on GWB’s Air Force One (easy listening country, you’ll be glad to hear) and has penned the theme for the NASA International Space Station. Exactly how a space station can have a theme, we don’t know, but there you go. We trust Bobcat Goldthwaite and Michael Winslow will feature heavily.

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