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Out of the Clouds

One of the late-period Ealing drama series to cover a particular location or institution ( e.g. The Square Ring – boxing, Pool of London – the docks, The Rainbow Jacket – racing) via an ensemble cast and criss-crossing narratives. Here it’s Heathrow – sorry – London Airport, and as well as drinking in the evocative recreation of BOACland, you can augment the rather dull action with a round of spot-the-typecasting – James Robertson ‘bleeding time’ Justice (stalwart captain, of course), Sid James (oh look, he’s gambling!), Bernard ‘M’ Lee (“did you pack this bag yourself, 007?”) and Esma ‘Flo’ Cannon (no-one’s telling *her* how to behave!). William ‘Schhh!’ Franklyn and Terence ‘Bergerac’ Alexander are there too.

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