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Love at First Bite

The cheap and cheerful George Hamilton vampire spoof, exactly midway between Young Frankenstein and Leslie Nielsen: Typecast and Lumping It in laughability terms, we reckon – no bad thing. And it features Dick “That’s my little Joe!” Shawn, who it seems almost nobody in the world can stand but we can’t get enough of. Although everyone says you had to see his live act (he died of a heart attack on stage almost three years to the day after Tommy Cooper, and as with Thommo they took a while to twig) he was still the best thing in iffy stuff like Water, Moon Zero Two-alike cold war moonbase farce Way Way Out (even though Jerry Lewis is the star) or shrill advertising industry satire (is there any other kind?) Beer, playing a Phil Donahue-style capering chat show host. Actually, now we’ve looked it up, that last also starred Rip Torn and Kenneth “You vill please be unconscious!” Mars.

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