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“If Looks Could Kill!” “A confused and ineffective modification of a theme handled in The Stepford Wives, done with neither flair nor imagination” it says here. We quite like it though. Albert Finney and James Coburn star in a tale of models having had plastic surgery then turning up dead all over the place. Nasty corporate shenanigans and a character called ‘Moustache Man’ make it worth a ‘looker’ (do you see?), always putting it on in the middle of the night doesn’t.

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  1. Albert Funny

    May 20, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Too rarely it is mentioned that the final ten minutes of Looker are completely, kneeslappingly hilarious. You know when the tense chase ends up at a holographic TV advertising studio, so a kid says “Gee mom, do we have to have the same thing for breakfast every morning?” when there’s a dead gunman lying on the table in front of him.

    It’s as if Michael Crichton got near the end thought, hmm, this isn’t all that good, but how would it be as a comedy? He should have applied that sense of humour to the rest of it, it would have been up there with The Man with Two Brains as an 80s comedy classic.

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