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It’s Always Fair Weather

Would-be sequel to On The Town with three servicemen reuniting in New York for some TV special or other, older but wiser etc. etc. Sod the pretensions to social comment, what are the numbers? Well, Gene Kelly rollerskates around a phoney New York, Dan Dailey (a stand in for Jules Munshin, if you can imagine the ignominy) prats about with a lampshade on his head and both do that ‘foot stuck in dustbin lid’ bit. Cyd Charisse gets in the boxing ring, and Dolores Gray is harrassed by a gang of dinner jacketed blokes walking on their knees, until she shoots them and deposits them down a big trapdoor. Stanley Donen directs, and Andrew Preview conducts.

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  1. Dean

    February 14, 2010 at 6:38 am

    The musical performances are great in this one. Dolores Gray’s number isn’t so much about her being harrased by the dinner jacketed blokes, but rather the fun she has luring them into peril with her bounty of feminine wiles and then killing them off. It’s looks like an entertaining and highly evolved ritual akin to the courtship behavior of a mantis or black widow spider.

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